Universe: Super Mario, Wario

Debut:  Super Mario Land 2 (1992)

Aliases: None

Gender: M

Species: Human

Affiliations: None

Availability: Starting fighter

Background: Wario is the exaggerated, rude, repulsive and evil version of Mario. He now has his own Spin Offs including the Wario Land and WarioWare series, in which he plays the protagonist (of all things).

Reasoning: I think his physics and jerky play style are unique and his personality makes him likable in a comical way.

Probability: More than decent. He hasn’t been in SSB for long, but I don’t see him going anywhere either. It’s just my guess but Sakurai wants to keep as many characters as possible. I think there are enough clones and 3rd party or otherwise disliked characters to remove that would justify being able to keep Wario.

Thoughts: I don’t much care for him, I don’t play as him or like his personality. But I do like playing against him. He just has a different feel to him. And I love the motorcycle.


Power: ***
Weight: ****
Defense: ****
Speed: **
Jump: ***
Recovery: ***
Endurance: ****


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