Toon Link

Super-Smash-Bros.-4-Toon-LinkUniverse:  The Legend of Zelda

Debut:  TLOZ: The Wind Waker (2002)

Aliases: None

Gender: M

Species: Hylian

Affiliations: None

Availability: N/A

Background: Toon Link is simply a younger, typically cel-shaded version of adult Link.

Reasoning: Seen as a NPC in the Spirit Tracks stage for the 3DS.

Probability: CONFIRMED!

Thoughts: Toon Link was one of my go-to characters in Brawl; He was a clone though his physics were much different than Link’s. Still, he was a huge step up from Young Link in Melee. When I saw him as an NPC on the 3DS stage I was upset, but not surprised.I hope he will make a cameo appearance on the Wii U as well, possibly for the upcoming game, TLOZ: A Link Between Worlds, though unlikely given that it will be a 3DS exclusive as well.


Power: ***
Weight: **
Defense: ***
Speed: ****
Jump: ***
Recovery: ****
Endurance: ***



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