Universe: NES

Debut:  Game controller (1985)

Aliases: None

Gender: Genderless

Species: Robot

Affiliations: None

Availability: Starting fighter

Background: R.O.B. stands for “Robotic Operating Buddy”. He was a toy that operated by receiving optical flashes from a CRT television. He was used in 2 games, Gyromite and Stack-Up, though he has had cameos in several games since.

Reasoning: He is the only robot in the series thus far, which seems strange. He is also a classic gaming icon.

Probability: Big question mark for this guy, because I’m not sure how well-received he was. It comes down again to disc space. If they can, they will. If not, he will probably be cut.

Thoughts: I didn’t like R.O.B. as a playable character much, but it was nice to have a robot around. Plus he is a classic, so I can’t really complain. Heck, he’s older than I am! I think Robo from Chrono Trigger would be my pick if we could only have 1 robotic character.


Power: ****
Weight: ***
Defense: ***
Speed: ***
Jump: ***
Recovery: ***
Endurance: ***


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