Universe: Kid Icarus

Debut:  Kid Icarus (1986)

Aliases: None

Gender: M

Species: Angel

Affiliations: Palutena’s (Centurion) Army

Availability: Starting fighter

Background: Pit is an Angel who fights for good with his magical Palutena’s Bow. He protects the Overworld and Angel Land from the threats of the Underworld, including Medusa and Hades. He has a childish persona but is not intimidated by even the largest and fiercest of enemies.

Reasoning: Pit just had a game (Kid Icarus: Uprising) released not too, too long ago and is another of Sakurai’s babies. Plus he has been confirmed for SSB4!

Probability: CONFIRMED!

Thoughts: I don’t like his face… Is that mean? I’m sorry I just can’t handle too much of that anime crap, especially when it drifts more towards manga. In KI:U he looks like an HD version of Final Fantasy 7, that much lack or detail in the face just kills it for me. Otherwise I don’t mind him in SSB. I am curious to see how different his new move set will make him compared to Brawl. Also, I would like to see an alternative texture for Pittoo (Dark Pit) become available.


Power: ***
Weight: ***
Defense: ***
Speed: ***
Jump: *****
Recovery: ****
Endurance: **


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