Universe: Pokemon

Debut:  Pokemon Red/Blue (1996)

Aliases: None

Gender: M or F

Species: Pikachu

Affiliations: Ash Ketchum

Availability: Starting fighter

Background: Pikachu is the mascot for the Pokemon series. He/she is the main pokemon and best friend of Ash Ketchum. Pikachu hates being trapped inside his pokeball. He is a loyal and strong-willed competitor, though at the same time as friendly as can be. When upset, ill or in battle it will discharge powerful electric type attacks from it’s red cheeks.

Reasoning: One of the original fighters and a confirmed veteran for SSB4.

Probability: CONFIRMED!

Thoughts: Despite what some people say, I would still like to see at least some short hair detailing on Pikachu. He/she just seems too cartoon-like otherwise. Also, he always seems happy in SSB unless being struck. I would highly recommend they give him a fierce battle-ready facial expression like they do in the anime.


Power: ****
Weight: **
Defense: ***
Speed: ***
Jump: ***
Recovery: ***
Endurance: **


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