Mr. Game & Watch

GameandWatchUniverse: Game & Watch

Debut:  Ball (1980)

Aliases: None

Gender: M

Species: ???

Affiliations: None

Availability: Starting fighter

Background: Game & Watch refers to a line of popular handheld electronic games from the early days of gaming. Mr. Game & Watch appeared in a number of the games starting with Ball. In SSE, Mr. Game & Watch does not distinguish between good and bad. His character is a simple 2D design that beeps as opposed to talking.

Reasoning: He is a unique and classic character.

Probability: Soft-Confirmed

Thoughts: I used to dislike him because he was overly simple and OP. Now I actually like him as a character. But his Final Smash is horrid. There are places the giant octopus can’t get into and it is awkward to control. If they can fix that I would like to see him return.


Power: ****
Weight: **
Defense: ***
Speed: ***
Jump: ***
Recovery: ***
Endurance: **


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