Universe: Pokemon

Debut:  Pokemon Red/Blue (1996)

Aliases: None

Gender: M or F

Species: Pokemon

Affiliations: None

Availability: N/A

Background: Jigglypuff is one of the original 151 pokemon. It captivates audiences with it’s cuteness then lulls them to sleep with it’s signature “Sing” ability. When someone falls asleep due to it’s singing, Jigglypuff will become flustered and puff itself up. it may then proceed to draw random illustrations on the sleeping party’s face(s).

Reasoning: Jigglypuff is one of the original SSB characters, but I don’t think has ever been that well liked.

Probability: It’s chances of being removed are low just because Jigglypuff has been around since the beginning.

Thoughts: It is fun beating someone with Jigglypuff, and he/she is not even a bad character. But because of the stupid 3DS limitations I have to think about who I would want cut if it had to come down to it. Jigglypuff would be the last person on this list of “cut characters” that I would remove however.


Power: ***
Weight: **
Defense: **
Speed: ***
Jump: ****
Recovery: ****
Endurance: **


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