Fox McCloud


Universe: Star Fox

Debut:  Star Fox (1993)

Aliases: None

Gender: M

Species: Fox

Affiliations: Team Star Fox, Cornerian Army

Availability: Starting fighter

Background: Fox is an elite pilot and leader of the Star Fox team (Falco, Peppy and Slippy). He is hired as a mercenary under the orders of General Pepper to hunt down and defeat the mad scientist Andross and his army. Star fox faces Andross in all of his games as the final boss. Fox is a born leader, taking after his (father who was killed by Andross). He also faces on several occassions the Star Wolf team, hired by Andross to stop Fox.

Reasoning: Confirmed for SSB4 and an original playable character in the series.

Probability: CONFIRMED!

Thoughts: For some reason I am having a hard time liking him so far. His teeth, his cutsie appearance in his face, and his awful choice in footwear are just killing it for me. But we haven’t seen enough yet to make a fair analysis.


Power: ***
Weight: **
Defense: ***
Speed: ****
Jump: ***
Recovery: ****
Endurance: ***


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