Captain Falcon


Universe: F-Zero

Debut:  F-Zero (1990)

Aliases: Douglas Jay Falcon, Mart Lemming

Gender: M

Species: Human

Affiliations: F-Zero Grand Prix

Availability: Starting fighter

Background: Captain Falcon is a mysterious racer and one of the best bounty hunters around. As such he has many enemies that want to do away with him including Black Shadow, Deathborn and his evil twin the Blood Falcon. His race car is called the Blue Falcon. Also because of his reoutation, C. Falcon is forced to live a life of solitude amongst a sanctuary chain of islands, each fitted with a race track to keep his skills sharp.

Reasoning: One of the original SSB characters.

Probability: Extremely likely

Thoughts: Nothing to say negatively about this guy. What I am really wondering is if they will add a character from the F-Zero universe or not, and what new stage(s) will represent it.


Power: ****
Weight: ***
Defense: ***
Speed: *****
Jump: ***
Recovery: **
Endurance: ***


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