Wii Fit Trainer


Universe: Wii Fit

Debut:  Wii FIt (2007)

Aliases: None

Gender: F

Species: Human

Affiliations: None

Kirby Hat: Wii sweatband on forehead

Alternative Textures: ?

Availability: Unlockable

Background: Wii Fit Trainer is your personal trainer in the Wii Fit “game”. She guides you through various workouts to help the player improve their health through yoga, strength, aerobic and balance training.

Reasoning: Confirmed for SSB4.

Probability: Confirmed!

Thoughts: Another questionable newcomer that I am slowly growing to be okay with. It was a smart and shocking inclusion on Nintendo’s behalf. My only real complaint is her Final Smash. A bunch of silhouettes in various posses from the Wii Fit game go flying across the screen, knocking back and dealing damage to opponents who get struck by them. This just looks so crappy and not creative at all. I instan tly want to change the Final Smash and can tell already that I will have a sinking feeling in my gut and a bad taste in my mouth when I see it used in gameplay.


Power: **
Weight: ***
Defense: **
Speed: ****
Jump: ****
Recovery: ***
Endurance: ***


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