Universe: HarmoKnight

Debut:  HarmoKnight (2012)

Aliases: None

Gender: M

Species: Human

Affiliations: HarmoKnights

Kirby Hat: Tempo’s headband

Alternative Textures: Bow staff with generic headband

Availability: Unlockable


Power: ****
Weight: ***
Defense: **
Speed: ****
Jump: ***
Recovery: ***
Endurance: **

Audience Cheer: TEM-PO

Taunt: Tempo does a spinning jump then smiles and shoves his staff over his head, like when he completes a stage in HarmoKnight. In another taunt Tappy appears.

Stances: Tempo stands slightly hunched forward grasping his staff with 2 hands. When idle, he spins his staff around, plays an instrument or adjusts his headband.

Background: Tempo is a boy in Melodia, a land of rhythm. One day it is invaded by the Noizoids. Having discovered a legendary staff, Tempo sets off on a quest to restore his homeland along with his sidekick, Tappy and other companions.

Reasoning: Lucario had a unique play style. Well, so does Tempo. You could relate his power to how “in rhythm” his attack are, focusing highly on melodic combos to do increased damage. Not only would it be unique in that those who spammed smash attacks would not operate well, but it would be a character that would really showcase a players skill by showcasing their abilioty to combine attacks. Plus his game is cheesy but fun, and  was well received. I also think having Tyko and Cymbi as an assist trophy would be nifty.

Probability: Anything is possible with Mr. Sakurai, but as far as eShop games go, Dillon probably has the best chance, so Tempo  probably will not appear.

Abilities: Tempo attacks primarily with his staff, though his is also very nimble so his attacks would surely showcase his agility. He can also charge up his staff for a power attack and utilize the power of music.

Final Smash: Something music based, perhaps utilizing the Royal Notes.

Thoughts: I only recently found out about this game made by Game Freak, the same people who make the Pokemon games. I instantly thought he would be a great fit. He would be a pro gamer’s main because if utilized properly he would be able to dish out immense damage, but would take time to learn how to play effectively.


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