Universe: Chrono Trigger

Debut:  Chrono Trigger (1995)

Aliases: Prometheus

Gender: Genderless

Species: Robot

Affiliations: Lucca, Proto Dome

Kirby Hat: Robo head cover with eyes

Alternative Textures: Silver Robo, Rusted Robo, Golden Robo

Availability: Unlockable

Background: Robo is a futuristic robot created by the Mother Brain to carry out her wishes. However when found by Lucca and the others he cannot remember who he is and joins Chrono’s group. On their journey he develops a bond with the other characters, so when he returns to the Proto Dome nstead of dispatching his new friends he turns on the Mother Brain. He has a quirky personality for a robot and relies heavily on logic. His attacks primarily consist of lasers and arm weapon attacks.

Reasoning: Chrono Trigger is highly regarded as the best RPG of all time. 1 more robot can’t hurt, and besides who really liked R.O.B. anyway? When looking at Chrono Trigger, Frog would be neat as would Magus or even Lucca, but Robo gets my pick for his uniqueness.

Probability: It is criminal not to include a character from the series, but while I would love to see it my gut tells me it will never happen.

Thoughts: Chrono Trigger is the RPG you can’t help but get addicted to. So many characters, multiple endings, huge intricate story line, time travel and a killer final boss! This game was almost like an RPG version of SSB but with a real story. Robo is just such a lovable character to me. I think if they were to include a character from the series it would likely be Frog, just a hunch.


Power: ****
Weight: ****
Defense: ****
Speed: **
Jump: **
Recovery: ***
Endurance: ****


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