Universe: Metroid

Debut: Metroid (1986)

Aliases: Meta Ridley, Omega Ridley, Mecha Ridley

Gender: M

Species: Zebesian

Affiliations: Mother Brain

Kirby Hat: Ridley tail and wings or head piece

Alternative Textures: Meta Ridley, Mecha Ridley, Omega Ridley, Green Ridley, Red Ridley

Availability: Unlockable

Background: Ridley is one of the main antagonists of the Metroid series. He is a space pirate and subordinate to the Mother Brain. He was the one who raided Samus’ home world and murdered her parents. The 2 are in constant struggle against one another. Ridley is revived multiple times by his comrades.

Reasoning: Fan favorite.

Probability: Well he is highly desired by fans, but Sakurai said scaling him down would be awkward and I’d agree with that. I’d say it is very unlikely.

Thoughts: Eventually I gave in. While I agree that having him scaled down from his boss forms in Brawl would be tacky, it’s a new game in a universe that defies all logic anyway. Not to mention he would be unique in that he would be a larger character that is actually fast. And he has so many options for alternative textures to boot! The jury is still out on this one, part of me wants him to remain a boss though too…


Power: ****
Weight: ****
Defense: **
Speed: ***
Jump: ***
Recovery: ****
Endurance: ***


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