Universe: Breath of Fire

Debut:  Breath of Fire III (1997)

Aliases: None

Gender: M

Species: Woren

Affiliations: Teepo and Ryu

Kirby Hat: Rei headband and hair and/or jacket and/or tail

Alternative Textures: Young Rei

Availability: Unlockable

Background: Rei is a thief who was always getting into trouble with his fellow outcast, Teepo. One day Rei discovers a young nude Ryu and takes him home. Once dressed, Rei begins to teach Ryu in his thieving ways. Feeling responsible for the boy, Rei becomes a close friend and accompanies Ryu on his journey to meet the goddess Myriah. Later in the game Rei acquires the ability to transform into a weretiger, causing him to attack randomly whether it be friend or foe.

Reasoning: He is completely unique in all aspects including play style, personality, aesthetic and so on. No to mention turning into a weretiger for a final smash would be epic.

Probability: Roughly 0%. It was a Playstation exclusive series afterall.

Thoughts: I know Ryu is the main character in the series and he can transform into dragons, and I’d be alright with that. I just think Rei has more of a wow factor and is different, plain and simple. I can’t emphasize enough how much I would love to see this game represented. It’s too bad the following titles in the series were so bad in comparison, especially BoF5.


Power: ***
Weight: ***
Defense: **
Speed: ****
Jump: ****
Recovery: **
Endurance: ****


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