Universe: Kid Icarus

Debut:  Kid Icarus (1986)

Aliases: None

Gender: F

Species: Goddess

Affiliations: Angel Land, Centurions, Gods

Kirby Hat: Palutena crown and staff

Alternative Textures: ?

Availability: Unlockable

Background: Palutena is the benevolent yet clumsy goddess of light. She wields a staff and assists Pit with direction and motivational support in Kid Icarus : Uprising. Previously she was held captive by Medusa, whom she co-ruled Angel Land with until she saw the evil in Medusa’s heart and transformed her to physically resemble her inner darkness and banished Medusa to the Underworld.

Reasoning: Another female character, and since Kid Icarus is likely to see another playable character emerge in SSB4 it would make more sense to include her than Magnus or Hades.

Probability: Considering Hades is unlikely to be more than a boss it comes down to her or Magnus likely being added to the roster. Paultena is more of a recurring character and represents an under-represented demographic (women). Because of this I would wager her odds are pretty darn good.

Thoughts: I didn’t play any of the games but I’m not against it.


Power: ****
Weight: **
Defense: **
Speed: ***
Jump: ***
Recovery: ****
Endurance: ****


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