Universe: Pacman

Debut:  Pacman (1980)

Aliases: Ms. Pacman

Gender: M/F

Species: Pacman

Affiliations: None

Kirby Hat: Pacman eyes and brows

Alternative Textures: Ms. Pacman

Availability: Unlockable

Background: Pacman is a classic arcade game where a player tries to collect all of the Pacdots  in a level without being touched by the ghosts. In later games Pacman gets his 3D adventuring underway with more intense stages, new enemies and a new health system. Pacman is a staple for the gaming industry with immense success stemming from its days on the arcade.

Reasoning: Considering Namco is co-developing the game and Tekken or other fighting game characters (sorry Goku fans) will not be included, it would make the most sense that Pacman would be incorporated. Sakurai has said that their involvement in development doesn’t guarantee them a character in the game, but we all know it is very likely.

Probability: Extremely high. I don’t think Namco would agree to co-develop the game if they didn’t get at least 1 roster slot.

Thoughts: I waiver on the issue. The reason that I like it is imagining his Final Smash turning everyone blue and having Pacman just eating them up by touching them makes me excited. The main question in my mind is what a Kirby hate would look like? Possibly just changing the eyes and skin color? I don’t know… I also included Ms. Pacman as it would be a likely candidate for an alternative texture.


Power: ***
Weight: ***
Defense: ***
Speed: ***
Jump: ***
Recovery: ***
Endurance: ***


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