Mega Man


Universe: Mega Man

Debut:  Mega Man (1987)

Aliases: Rockman (Japan), the Blue Bomber

Gender: M

Species: Robot

Affiliations: Dr. Light

Kirby Hat: Mega Man Helmet

Alternative Textures: Proto Man colors, Helmetless Mega Man, Yellow and black Mega Man

Availability: Unlockable

Background: Mega Man is a robot designed by Dr. Light to be a tool-bot designed to be Dr. Light’s assistant. However after Dr. Light’s partner, Dr. Wily became envious of Dr. Light and turned evil bent upon world domination, reprogramming many of Dr. Light’s robot masters to fight for him, Mega Man volunteered to become a battle robot to help bring peace and justice and to stop Wily and his creations. Mega Man has a strong sense of justice and uses his signature ability of copying a foes moves and using it against them to protect his “family”. Mega Man has a robotic canine companion named Rush who commonly will turn into a hover board for quick transportation.

Reasoning: He is Capcom’s most notable character, a highly desired newcomer by fans and is confirmed for SSB4.

Probability: Confirmed!

Thoughts: I have never played a Mega Man game, but I am all for including him. There has been a lot of analysis of his character in SSB4.And it is difficult being that there are so many potential abilities they could have chosen from! My personal opinion is that he is an excitable new fighter, but isn’t perfected. His metal blades make an irritable digital sound when thrown. Imagine 4 Mega Man in a battle using them over and over… It will start to get really annoying. His leaf shield that he can throw is okay, but doesn’t wow me at all. And having both a fire blade and a slash claw seems kind of redundant, especially given the range of possibilities to choose from including Ice Slasher (shoots arrow-shaped ice shard that freezes opponents), Black Hole Bomb (which sucks in a character for a few seconds leaving them susceptible to attack or to make a getaway), Mirror Buster (to send an opponents projectile attack back at them), Wild Coil (to push someone away from you if needed, like Mario’s FLUDD), Ice Wall (to set up a strategic barrier) and Copy Vision (just because having a literal clone, even for a few seconds is cool to have). I also liked Toad Man and Hornet Man’s abilities, if they could be incorporated cleverly. SSB is more about strategy and having more than just physical attacks would make him a better character than what has been seen of him thus far. However I do appreciate the attempt to incorporate special weapons from all of the different Mega Man games.


Power: ****
Weight: ***
Defense: ***
Speed: ***
Jump: ***
Recovery: **
Endurance: ***


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