Universe: Super Mario

Debut:  Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (1996)

Aliases: None

Gender: Genderless

Species: Star Warrior, Doll

Affiliations: Star Road

Kirby Hat: Geno’s hat

Alternative Textures: Metal Geno (Silver body with black and red clothing)

Availability: Unlockable

Background: Geno is a warrior sent by a “higher authority” to protect the 7 star pieces and return them to the Star Road where people’s dreams come true. He possesses the body of a doll and wanders out into the forest to confront Bowyer who is turning locals to stone with his arrows. Mario comes to Geno’s aide and upon defeating the boss Geno decides to Join Mario on his quest.

Reasoning: He is a fan favorite.

Probability: Pretty low still. Though he has been desired for a long time, there is a reason there has been no resurrection of the character in later titles. Square is holding firmly to their rights to Geno and it is highly unlikely that they would give him up unless they were paid an ungodly amount of money. Though supposedly relations between the 2 companies have improved, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one.

Thoughts: It is hard not to love that 9999 damage Geno Whirl. I am hopeful to see him in another game eventually, hopefully in SSB4, but Square isn’t much for collaborating. It’s too bad though, he really makes for a nice balance between melee attacks, energy attacks and other projectiles.


Power: ****
Weight: ***
Defense: ****
Speed: ***
Jump: ***
Recovery: ***
Endurance: ***


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