Universe: Kirby

Debut:  Kirby’s Adventure (1993)

Aliases: None

Gender: M

Species: Stag Beetle

Affiliations: Dedede’s Army

Kirby Hat: Suplex bandana or champion’s belt

Alternative Textures: Black beetle, Red beetle

Availability: Unlockable


Power: ****
Weight: ****
Defense: ***
Speed: **
Jump: ****
Recovery: **
Endurance: ***





Audience Cheer: BUG-ZZY

Taunt: Bugzzy let’s his wings out and raises his head (mandibles up) and puts his arms up for a mighty roar.

Stances: Bugzzy stands slightly hunched over with his wings slighly out and arms to his side. When idle, his wings will flutter and pincers will open and close a couple of times.

Background: Bugzzy is a mini-boss in the Kirby series and the only character to provide the Suplex ability. He focuses on throws attacks, dashing at Kirby trying to grab with his mandibles which he uses to throw, slam and stomp his opponents. He is also available as a helper in the series, standing twice as taller as most other helpers with the exception of Bonkers.

Reasoning: He has a different play style than any other character, he has a great look and personality and is completely underrated.

Probability: Very, very low. There are already 3 characters from the Kirby universe and given the limitations of the 3DS there can only be so many roster spots. Likely Sakurai will want to diversify the roster more rather than overly representing certain franchises. Even if he was to include a 4th Kirby character in the roster, it would probably be Banadana Waddle Dee or Gooey or something other than a mini-boss.

Abilities: Suplex/throw, darting at enemies, releasing small attack bugs, sword and club attacks

Final Smash: (King of the Ring) When used, this attack targets anyone immediately in front of the user much like Meta Knight or Link. Bugzzy would grapple them and continue to strike multiple times in a massive combo, during which any other characters caught in the onslaught are also sent flying.

Thoughts: I have always had a thing for this overgrown bug as Suplex was my favorite ability growing up aside from plasma and maybe Yo-yo. I mean this bug was just made to fight, never mind the giant intimidating pincers.


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