Bowser Jr.


Universe: Super Mario

Debut: Super Mario Sunshine (2002)

Aliases: Kid Koopa

Gender: M

Species: Koopa

Affiliations: Koopalings

Kirby Hat: Stub horns and hair or bib

Alternative Textures: Dry Bowser Jr, Red Bowser Jr, Blue Bowser Jr.

Availability: Unlockable


Power: ***
Weight: **
Defense: ****
Speed: ****
Jump: ***
Recovery: ***
Endurance: **






Audience Cheer: BOW-SER-JUN-IOR

Taunt: He takes out his paint brush, holds it over his head and dances around a bit like in Mario Party 9.

Stances: Hunches over like Bowser, but to a far lesser degree. When idle, he would hunch over and put his arms out and roar to try and be menacing, but ending up looking kinda cute, kind of like Simba in the Lion King.

Background: Bowser Jr. wishes for nothing more than to help fulfill his father’s evil plans. While young, he is not afraid to take charge of Bowser’s minions and ships. For a child he is quite a formidable opponent. He is commonly seen with the Koopa Clown Car as a mini boss. He is not the same Bowser Jr. as in Yoshi’s Island, which was literally a baby version of Bowser.

Reasoning: He has had such an important recurring role in one of the most beloved gaming franchises of all time.

Probability: Very high. Considering Bowser is a heavy weight, having a smaller, faster version would appeal to many players. He is an absolute fan favorite and I would be shocked if he did not make his SSB debut.

Abilities: Graffiti paint, breathing fire

Final Smash: (Koopa Clown Car) Hop into his signature vehicle and escape to the background. While active, the car launches homing missiles from wherever the player is positioned, automatically targeting the closest opponent.

Thoughts: I love it as long as they don’t make him a clone. Shooting a single fireball as opposed to spewing constant flames is 1 idea. But between his unique Super Mario Sunshine abilities and his appearances in newer games there is plenty there to really give him his own move set. Also his clown car should not be his UP + B recovery move. I think it should instead be his spinning jump with his brush out, as in Mario Sunshine. It would be like Mario’s old DOWN + B, but with upward momentum. As long as they manage all that, I say bring him on in!


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