Universe: Banjo-Kazooie

Debut:  Banjo-Kazooie (1998)

Aliases: None

Gender: M/F

Species: Bear and Bird

Affiliations: N/A

Kirby Hat: Backpack and necklace (Can have his own mini-Kazooie or shoot eggs from his mouth instead)

Alternative Textures: Dragon-form Kazooie and Were-Banjo

Availability: Unlockable


Power: ***
Weight: ***
Defense: ***
Speed: **
Jump: ***
Recovery: ****
Endurance: ***





Audience Cheer: BAN-JO-KAZOO-IE


  • Banjo pulls out his banjo and starts to play.
  • Kazooie pops out and a text box appears at the bottom of the screen, making 1 of 3 smart-ass remarks.
  • Banjo makes his classic dopy “Da-huh” sound while a random colored Jinjo flies upwards and around Banjo-Kazooie, then disappears (as they do when you collect them).

Idle Animation: Banjo stands upright, looking left and right. When idle, Kazooie will emerge from the backpack and peck Banjo on the head.

Background: Banjo and Kazooie are friends who thwart Gruntilda’s evil plans at every turn. Whether to save their homeland, avenge a fallen friend or rescue Banjo’s sister they are always there to play the hero by…collecting Jiggies and Jinjos? They also display skills as racers and machinists in Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.

Reasoning: A well known comic adventure duo that would fit right into SSB with their interesting ensemble or attacks and abilities. They were originally released on the N64 and were planned for the original SSB, only to have Rare (who owns the IP) bought out by Microsoft years later.

Probability: Not good. Microsoft acquired Rare, and is not known for collaborating. Their only attempt to revive the series with “Nuts and Bolts” failed miserably. And while Nintendo is not in direct competition with Microsoft like Sony is, the likelihood is very low.

Abilities: Banjo and Kazooie have a number of unique abilities in their arsenal, most notably the ability to shoot a variety of eggs (blue, ice, fire, grenade or clockwork kazooie) as projectiles, flying and smashing the ground with Kazooie’s beak buster. In her dragon form Kazooie can breath fire as well, while Banjo’s main attack is a forward roll.

Thoughts: I would absolutely love playing as this tag team simply because there is so much you can do with them. Potentially the greatest SSB characters ever if done correctly. My only fear would be if they were modeled after Nuts and Bolts instead of their earlier games. They just looked flat out creepy and unappealing in that game. Below is a moveset I created for the duo.



*Note: I will only give explanations where necessary as some abilities are self-explanitory.

A: Claw Swipe

Dash + A: Forward Roll

Up + A: Headbutt

Down + A: (Clockwork Kazooie Egg) Kazooie lays a clockwork egg, creating a small metal bird which will walk stalk the nearest foe and explode for high damage and knock-back. If it does not make contact it will automatically detonate after 10 seconds. It also will walk off ledges. This attack has a recharge however and takes a moment to perform, leaving them open to attack.

Side Smash: (Beak Barge) Banjo thrusts his shoulder forward while Kazooie lunges forward with her beak

Up Smash: (Double Headbutt) Like the regular headbutt, but with both Banjo and Kazooie performing it for more power and launch ability.

Down Smash: (Breegull Bash) Banjo slams Kazooie down on the ground in front of him like a downward sword slash

Nair: Punch

Fair: Banjo swings his backpack as a weapon

Bair: Back Kick

Dair: (Beak Buster) Kazooie smashes down towards the ground with her beak.

Up Air: Backflip Kick

Neutral Special: (Breegull Blaster) Banjo takes Kazooie out of his pack and wields her as a weapon, who then fires eggs in a straight repeatedly line from her beak. The type of eggs fired will depend on damage percentage. Regular eggs at 0%, building up to fire, ice and even grenade eggs at higher percentages (grenade eggs are very rare, becoming less so above 100%). Banjo can move around and even perform a single jump, but the (B) button must remain held as this is an auto-fire attack, firing 1 egg per second.

Up Special: Kazooie springs up into the air and can then flap her wings for a short while to “feathery flap”

Down Special: Kazooie holds Banjo on her back and is able to run around at a much quicker pace than Banjo. Increased speed but can be launched further at lower percents.

Side Special: Kazooie pokes her head out and pecks forwards 3 times in front of Banjo.

Grab: Banjo grabs the opponent in his pack.

Grab Pummel: Kazooie pecks the opponent in the pack (you can see a comical animation of the pack moving around like someone is being beaten inside)

Forward Throw: Banjo swings his pack around and flings the opponent from within

Down Throw: Kazooie lays a grenade egg on the opponent, sending them flying.

Up Throw: Kazooie pops her head and wings out of the pack, sending the opponent upwards

Winning Pose: Banjo holds up a Jiggy and Kazooie swallows it from behind.

Losing Pose: All losing characters just clap now.

Unique Ability: (Molt) Kazooie could periodically shed a red feather, causing them to lose recovery ability height and duration. These red feathers do however sit around for a few seconds and can be picked back up. But other opponents can also use them to get a slight speed boost for a short time. Rare-ly Kazooie could shed a golden feather, giving whoever picks it up launch immunity for a short time.

Shield: Banjo climbs into his pack. He can walk very slowly, even over spikes! But cannot roll and will eventually will be pushed out by Kazooie (shield break) leaving him sitting on the ground dizzy. (This is just an idea to utilize this ability from the game)

Other Possibilities: Banjo could use his banjo as a weapon (which can break) or even hit Kazooie’s eggs like a baseball into opponents as a throw option. Other possible Final Smashes would include the invulnerability wing shield and laying and actually controlling the Clockwork Kazooie egg, and having the Down+A attack be a swing of the banjo or something.

Final Smash: Mumbo transforms Banjo into his T-Rex form, but has a small chance to turn him into a washing machine instead. The T-Rex is invulnerable to attacks and can bite hard and roar to paralyze enemies with fear, though it cannot jump high and loses the second jump completely. During this time the iconic Banjo-Kazooie opening banjo music plays at a slightly faster pace than normal for either transformation.


Advantages: Good melee and ranged combat abilities. Balanced character with good recovery ability.

Downfalls: Some of their attacks take a second to perform either before or after, or both. Also, Banjo is not a very fast runner.

Possible Items:

  • Mumbo Skulls: Throw them to cause mild damage. They will say “ouch” when used. If you wait to throw it until it glows pink, it will cast a “spell” on whoever it touches next, causing them to cause 0% damage (but flinching and knock-back like normal) for a short time. But if you hold it too long the spell will be cast on the person holding it.
  • Red Feather: Increases recovery ability slightly for Banjo-Kazooie, increases speed slightly for other characters.
  • Golden Feather: Prevents character from being launched for a short time
  • Honeycomb: Restores 20% damage
  • Jiggy: Throw it at an opponent to cause them to taunt, leaving them vulnerable for attack.
  • Beehive: Break open for 2-3 Honeycombs

Assist Trophies: (Mumbo Jumbo) Mumbo returns again, this time turning a random opponent into a washing machine. As he does this, his classic voodoo casting music plays (his chanting).

Stage: A travelling stage that visits some of the more iconic Banjo-Kazooie worlds, ending at Grunty’s Tower. Imagine fighting on Clanker’s back, on the fiery quiz game-board, and others! If the characters together gather a totle of 100 music notes, something special could happen.

Boss Hazard: (Gruntilda) Gruntilda would return in an entirely new form (no green skin, skeleton or robot, maybe a ghost with her original hat?) and would use her magic and wit to fight, along with her annoying grunts. Once defeated her hat will drop as an item that can turn the user into a ghost form preventing them from invulnerable to all non-special attacks for a short time.


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