The NEWS post will now officially be rolled over to it’s own page! Make sure to check here for updates for the upcoming titles and related information as it becomes announced!

*NOTE: due to my time away from the blog and the onslaught of new information we have received, please check out posts for individual topics for more in depth information and analysis!


1. New vivid color scheme

It is clear from looking at the daily images, but if you haven’t heard yet the new game will focus on a more vivid color scheme to help make characters and objects more clearly visible. This also means choosing colors more closely to primary hues.

2. Gameplay between Melee and Brawl

Sakurai has commented saying that the new games will lie somewhere between Brawl and Melee in terms of speed, effectively speeding up the gameplay from the latest title (Brawl).

3. KO Comet Trail

Powerful attacks now come equipped with pretty slashing and swinging graphics which are clearly visible in some screenshots. Further, characters launched to or near a KO will trail a color representing which player sent them flying. For example, if Mario sent Samus flying she would have a red glowing comet-like tail attached to her. Sakurai said it is to enhance the visual appeal of the attacks and enhance their power visually, but really I think he just wants to give children seizures.

4. Removed Tripping

That’s right fans, the random tripping from Brawl has been effectively removed. Rejoice!

5. NO Cutscenes

Cutscenes are OUT! Sakurai showed his disapproval for the cutscenes from Brawl being uploaded to the internet and has therefore decided not to incorporate them into the new titles. To some extent isn’t this expected though?

6. Connectivity between version

While direct connectivity between the 2 versions is out, there will still be some connection between them. All we really know right now is that both versions will feature the same roster but different stages. **UPDATE** It seems the versions will be connected by Amiibo figures, which were announced during the E3 2014 Digital Event.

7. Console specific stages

Nothing we didn’t expect, but the stages for the Wii U and 3DS versions will be based off of games specific to each system.

8. Sleek HD graphics

Although the new game will feature HD quality images, the level of realism in comparison to brawl will be taken down a notch. Sakurai commented saying that going too realistic would take away from what the game is supposed to be. But as long as it looks good and is fun to play, who cares?

9. X-Bomb item

The X Bomb from Kid Icarus: Uprising has made it’s appearance as what is likely a new item to the SSB universe, which some speculate has replaced the Smart Bomb from Brawl. **UPDATE** There are a ton of new items besides this one, look for my post on confirmed items!

10. Optional outlines

The outlines on characters for the 3DS used to make it easier to see characters has been announced as customizable. You can make the outline thinner, or turn it off completely!

12. Gotta catch ’em all!

Xerneas has been confirmed to have some role in SSB4, most likely a rare find from a pokeball item. **UPDATE** A ton of new and returning pokemon have been confirmed. Look for my “Pokemon” post for more details.

13. Gender costumes

It has been confirmed that there is also a Male version of the Wii Fit Trainer. Though speculation as to his role as a playable character, assist trophy or other, it is expected to be an alternate costume for the Wii Fit Trainer, giving hope that other character’s costumes will consist of more than a pallet swap. **UPDATE** other characters have been confirmed to have costumes for both genders including the Villager and Mii characters.


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